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With increasing public awareness and an ever-expanding media interest, Japanese knotweed is fast becoming one of the most impenetrable barriers to a mortgage agreement.

With many lenders now holding a flat refusal policy where there has been Japanese knotweed present within a catchment of any adjoining property, it is fair to say that many people are now seeing the value of their home diminish as fast as this invasive plant grows.

At TCM we are working with Surveyors and Lenders alike to try and bring some sense to the uncertainty surrounding Knotweed. Hopefully between us we will soon establish a platform for lenders to work from when mortgaging a residential property.

Until such time, unfortunately anyone with even one small plant either on their property or that of a neighbour will almost certainly run into difficulty with the sale of their house.

So what are you to do?

Firstly do not attempt to deal with this yourself. People with the greenest of fingers can struggle and come unstuck with Japanese knotweed, often causing it to spread even further. Without the warranty of a licensed professional your work may be in vain as the bank could still choose not to lend.

Contact a specialist who can advise you on your situation, taking account of all variables and then construct an eradication program that is acceptable to all the parties involved. A mortgage can then be agreed and the sale moved forward.

  • After our buyers survey came back on our flat, having found Japanese knotweed in the garden we went into a confused panic. From the research you do on the internet and from the articles you read, a garden with Japanese knotweed seems like a lost cause when trying to sell your property. TCM went out of their way to help educate the mortgage lenders whose lack of knowledge of the weed seems to be jeopardising many mortgage offers and property sales. TCM produced a thoroughly detailed management plan and by using the most up to date RICS information gave us all the information and reassurance we and our buyers needed to go forward with the sale of our property. Our Japanese Knotweed was quickly and efficiently eradicated and throughout the whole process the customer service was excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TCM to anyone with a Japanese knotweed problem.

    Hattie, TCM Customer

If you suspect you have knotweed that will affect your property, even if you don’t plan to sell at the present time, we strongly advise that you get in touch. If not, the plant will continue to grow and with it so too will the cost of eradicating it.

Early identification and treatment proves key in all knotweed cases.

Call us now on 01787 278086 for advice on your situation or alternatively complete our contact us form.

If you are unsure what you have is Japanese knotweed, you can send a picture along with your details to and one of our advisors will be happy to identify the plant for you.






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  • We are experts in removing japanese knotweed
    through proven scientific methods.

    We are experts in removing japanese knotweed through proven scientific methods.