Would you be able to identify Japanese knotweed in early Spring?



January 14, 2019

In early Spring, before the new growth pushes up through the soil, the canes really do look like a rather dead brown mass.

The trouble is, the power of Japanese knotweed is all stored in the rhizome, underground, with an occasional crown protruding.  So, as soon as the weather starts to warm up, the plant begins to grow at an extraordinary rapid rate.

Here are some images to help in your identification:

Japanese Knotweed Identification

If you are embarking on a building project and knotweed is present, it is possible to eradicate the plant before it starts to grow – i.e. now (springtime), utilising the Dig Out method.  If you are interested in more information then please get in touch. 

For more images of Japanese knotweed as it looks throughout the year, please visit our Japanese knotweed identification page.