Brownfield Site, Glasgow

Brownfield Site, Glasgow

Commercial soil screening project.

TCM were commissioned by a Commercial company wishing to develop a brownfield site in Glasgow, Scotland.

This was to be able to relocate businesses in anticipation of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the planned extension of the M74.

Due to development deadlines the area was not suitable for herbicidal treatment.

Therefore, an 8 week soil screening programme was designed and implemented in order to remove the Japanese knotweed infestation.

Japanese knotweed was also growing on the adjacent land. We were unable to access this area so a root barrier membrane was also installed to avoid re-infestation from the land.

TCM also arranged for the breaking up and removal of a large concrete structure on the land alongside asbestos removal.

We completed the work was within the required timescale, within budget and with TCM’s comprehensive insurance backed warranty.

Date: April 20, 2018