Residential Knotweed Management Plans

Residential neighbourhood with infestation of Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed site survey for residential homeowners

The size, scale and location of every infestation is different, so we perform a site survey at your residential property to document the following:  

1. The extent of the infestation
We can confirm the extent of the infestation with photographic evidence, and if necessary, for land that is difficult to reach or on a larger scale, we will utilise a drone to obtain aerial images of the affected area.

2. Location of the infestation
We take into consideration the proximity of the infestation to your property and those of neighbouring areas, and determine whether you may lose the use of the area affected during the treatment process. 

3. Maturity of the infestation
Our team are able to identify the maturity of the infestation and at what stage in the growing cycle the plant is – this will affect the timings and the type of treatment plan recommended by Total Conservation Management (TCM).

4. Access requirements
We will need to determine if the infestation is easily accessible and if there is any other vegetation growing nearby that needs to be preserved – i.e. your favourite shrubs, plants, or roses.

Residential knotweed management and treatment plans 

Following a detailed analysis of the site survey, we will provide you with a residential knotweed management plan detailing the best possible method for the removal and eradication your infestation.

Once instructed to proceed with your customised treatment plan, the TCM team will take care of the entire operation, keeping you informed throughout the treatment process.  All our work is guaranteed for 10 years (this timescale can be extended) and once the task is complete, we also issue our Lloyds backed A+ rated Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG).

If you are attempting to sell your property, you will need both a Knotweed Management Plan and an IBG to satisfy most UK lender’s concerns, and allow the sale or mortgage application to continue. Get in touch today to find out more about our treatment plans. 

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