Residential Knotweed Removal Solutions

Residential knotweed removal solutions

Knotweed Removal Solutions

We appreciate that your home may be your biggest asset, that’s why the experts at Total Conservation Management (TCM) are here to guide you through the process of eradicating Japanese knotweed from your property. Our knotweed removal solutions are scientifically proven with tried and tested methods. We don’t just control the infestation, we eradicate it entirely.

Methods of Removal

  • Herbicide Treatments

  • Dig and Dump

Timings and Pricing

The timings and pricing for residential knotweed removal are dependent on several factors, these include:

  • the size of the area
  • the age of the infestation
  • the access required to treat the infestation
  • the timescale available

The average Japanese knotweed removal solution for a residential infestation is £2,000.

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Howard Downer


Howard Downer, AKA Dr. Knotweed, has over 20 years of experience as an Environmental Consultant and is regarded by his peers as one of the most knowledgeable people in the Japanese knotweed industry.

Follow Dr. Knotweed to hear about the latest developments regarding Japanese knotweed and the implications of infestation.

Latest Residential Case Studies

Homeowner Wishing To Sell  

Homeowner Wishing To Sell

Total Conservation Management (TCM) helped a homeowner wishing to sell his property but had Japanese knotweed in his garden.

Latest Commercial Case Studies

Soil Screening Project, Dorset  

Soil Screening Project, Dorset

Commercial property developers commissioned Total Conservation Management to remove Japanese knotweed from site in Dorset.

Brownfield Site, Glasgow  

Brownfield Site, Glasgow

TCM were commissioned by a Commercial company wishing to develop a brownfield site in Glasgow, Scotland.

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