Former steelworks, North London - Japanese knotweed infestation

Japanese knotweed excavation at Former steelworks in North London 

Commercial development of residential housing, North London

The site of an old Steelworks needed to be cleared so that it could be used by a commercial development company to build residential housing.

TCM were hired to clear commercial fly-tip materials and asbestos as well as eradicate the Japanese knotweed infestation on the land.

Preparation of the site

We also undertook extensive tree removal and re-engineered a drainage feature before the commencement of these works.

This site had the added complication of a railway on one side and a canal on the other.

800 tonnes removed from location

In total 800 tonnes of Japanese knotweed and asbestos were removed through the Dig & Dump method, completed within 5 weeks and on budget.

We were able to guarantee all work with TCM’s comprehensive insurance backed warranty.

Date: April 20, 2018