Islington housing site case study

vegetation management and tree removal

TCM are well-known for removing Japanese knotweed from commercial sites. Typically, this invasive plant slows development schemes to a grinding halt. However, this time we were called to Islington in North London to remove extensive vegetation and forty seven (47) trees in under a week! 

Islington Development Site Vegetation Clearance including 47 trees

Housing site case study

Here, we show you how we tackled a clearance project and swiftly put our client’s housing development site back on schedule.  Clearing vegetation can feel like a slow process, especially if you’re developing property on a long-forgotten plot of land. This was exactly the situation our client, an Islington-based builder, found himself in. He had purchased land so overgrown with brambles, weeds and trees it was impossible to penetrate.

Site complications

The building plan for the development site was simple: build three affordable family homes. Sadly, the extensive vegetation meant that building these properties was significantly delayed for three reasons:  

  1. The growth needed to be removed, and in a week no less, since the following week, ground workers were due onsite to lay a piling mat.
  2. The vegetation was so dense that it was the perfect habitat for wildlife, so we had the added complication of ecological concerns.
  3. Neighbouring residents had actually grown attached to the unruly forest next door, so it was essential they were informed of its removal.

TCM had a lot to get done in a single week. The blessing was that no Japanese knotweed was found on the development site! 

Image gallery of overgrown property development site

one of 47 trees removed from Islington development site
TCM team surveying development site for vegetation removal
north london development site prior to vegetation removal

TCM site plan 

We wasted no time in calling on our experienced team to manage the vegetation removal.  A registered ecologist was sought to check for nesting birds and other animals, as TCM are committed to safeguarding wildlife.  Luckily, no critter had made a home in the growth and the site was deemed safe to be cleared. After local residents were advised about the plans for the site and the work TCM would carry out, we got to work. Diggers, skips and even a humble spade were brought to this commercial site in Islington to excavate the vegetation.  After a week of hard graft, the growth was gone and the site was now ready for further development. 

Easy solutions, happy builders

Despite a short deadline and a few challenges, TCM finished the work, removing 47 trees and other vegetation in just one week!  

Project manager, Dean Forde, stated:   "Builders are very busy and run tight schedules, and our client in North London was no exception. We're delighted to have been able to help, and to get the project back on schedule".  

If you need vegetation removed or managed on your site, contact our hardworking team at TCM.  We can discuss your problem and find a solution to suit your need, keeping delays to a minimum!  

Date: May 20, 2021