Soil screening project, Dorset

We were commissioned by commercial property developers to remove Japanese knotweed from a seven-hectare site in Dorset.

soil screening project at property development site in Dorset 

Project Facts

  • At the time, this was the biggest eradication programme in the UK;
  • We found that over half the site was contaminated by knotweed at various stages of growth;
  • The contamination was a result of inadequate eradication treatment by the former owner;
  • The site also had a history of mining, so had to be stripped back to bedrock in order to stabilise any open mine shafts.

TCM cleared this land through the soil screening method – 160,000 tonnes of soil was excavated and processed.

Reuse of Screened Materials 

We were able to engineer all of the screened material back into the site, thus creating the correct levels for the proposed development of 390 houses. This also negated the cost of landfill and so avoided the cost of importing clean backfill material.

We completed the work on target, within budget and with TCM’s comprehensive insurance backed warranty.

Date: April 20, 2018