Construction site knotweed survey

is it a requirement before work begins?



June 21, 2022

Japanese knotweed is a time-consuming, expensive problem for construction site managers. So, is a survey really required before work starts?

Knotweed survey for construction sites

Is it a legal obligation? 

The short answer is, No, a Japanese knotweed survey is not required before builders start work on a construction site. But despite not being a legal obligation, it’s still advised.

In fact, it’s common practice among site managers, construction companies, property developers and earthwork managers to get a Japanese knotweed survey done before work begins. This is because knotweed can really put a brick through the window of your construction plans. Most developers want the plant gone yesterday!

Surveys save time, money and hassle

A Japanese knotweed survey is advised when you want to save time, money and the hassle of dealing with an infestation on development land.

We get it. No one in the construction industry wants to down tools, especially not for a daft weed. But in the long run, scheduling time for a survey and removal of the invasive knotweed will make life easier for all involved. And if you don’t get a survey done before construction starts, you may find:

  • Japanese knotweed will damage footpaths, tarmac, concrete, stability of flood defences and riverbanks and a variety of hard surfaces and built structures.

  • Your houses won’t sell as well (home buyers and mortgage lenders are becoming more and more stigmatised to Japanese knotweed).

  • The properties on your site get devalued around the 10-20% mark.

So, yeah, you might want to get on that Japanese knotweed survey!

Can work continue during Japanese knotweed removal?

On a construction site, work can sometimes continue when Japanese knotweed is being removed. But this depends on the size and spread of the growth.

Before you sign off your Japanese knotweed management plan, you will be told what is expected of your site and workers.

It’s common practice among site managers, construction companies and property developers to get a Japanese knotweed survey done before work begins.

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