Japanese knotweed insurance backed guarantee



September 23, 2022

Getting to grips with a Japanese knotweed insurance backed guarantee (IBG) doesn’t require a law degree. In this blog post, we break down your need-to-knows.

Japanese knotweed insurance backed guarantee documents

What is an insurance backed guarantee?

Insurance backed guarantees work in a similar way to other guarantees. You buy a washing machine or a printer and you are covered if something goes wrong.

However, IBGs are usually issued after a contractor or company makes changes to your house. So, if there’s something wrong with your new conservatory or roof the contractors are legally obliged to return and fix the issue.

This takes us to the insurance part of the guarantee. Essentially, this insurance is an extra layer of security. It means that if the company who fitted your conservatory goes bust, the insurers will make sure the next best company is available to help instead.

So what is a Japanese knotweed insurance backed guarantee? 

When a specialist company remove knotweed from your garden or land, you will usually be issued a Japanese knotweed insurance backed guarantee. It means the company – or a similar company if the original has ceased trading – will return to deal with the Japanese knotweed free of charge. 

A Japanese knotweed IBG is also called a Japanese knotweed insurance backed warranty or indemnity. All in all, it’s crucial you find a Japanese knotweed removal company who offer a decent IBG. Not only does this guarantee protect you from future knotweed regrowth, but the document is much-needed for mortgage purposes.

Japanese knotweed IBG and mortgages

There is a lot of stigma surrounding Japanese knotweed and mortgages. Knotweed can and does cause a lot of structural damage to properties, making mortgage lenders run for the hills!

So, if you’re trying to get a mortgage on a property affected by Japanese knotweed you'd better have an insurance backed guarantee in place. This simple document tells the bank or building society that:

  1. The land/homeowner has had the knotweed removed by a registered company. 
  2. The property is future-proof as the knotweed will be dealt with if it returns.

Most lenders will accept most IBGs. However, it’s worth checking before you choose a removal company. Get the details of the removal company’s guarantee and ask your lender if it will be accepted.

Choosing an insurance backed guarantee

Choosing which Japanese knotweed removal company to hire may seem a simple task. And it should be. But rather than only focusing on the cost or time-taken to complete the job, you should also take a good look at their insurance policy. Are the insurers backing the guarantee legit? A bank or other financial institution for example. Are the insurers A+rated?

Remember to compare removal companies not just on the cost of their services, but on the details of their Japanese knotweed insurance-backed guarantee.


The TCM guarantee can be issued to any type of site, whether it’s a residential home or construction site. 

Here are five reasons why our insurance-backed guarantee stands out:

  1. We offer the highest level of Japanese knotweed security through our A+ rated Lloyd's insurance backed guarantee.
  2. We charge the minimum required to insure the area, meaning we offer guarantees to cover only the infested are (saving you money), or the entire site.
  3. We offer guarantees lasting for five or ten years, charging you only for what you need. 
  4. It is free to make a claim as there is no fee or excess to pay.
  5. Our IBG can also be registered to a person or a legal entity that has an interest in the land or property, i.e. a new freeholder, a leaseholder, or a lender using the property as security. 

Always keep your insurance documents to hand. You may need them in the future, especially if you come to sell your property. 

Have questions about our Japanese knotweed IBG? Just sent us a message via email, or our contact form, and one of the TCM team will respond.