Japanese Knotweed Removal for the Commercial Sector



May 31, 2022

An infestation of invasive plant species such as Japanese knotweed will hinder any land or property developer eager to begin work on a new housing development project.  

Commercial development site with Japanese knotweed

Imagine you have had your planning permission approved and are ready to start breaking ground when you are advised that Japanese knotweed has been spotted on your building site!  Builders will have to down-tools until the invasive plant has been correctly identified, and a site survey will have to be performed. 

Japanese knotweed survey

Once completed, the survey will provide full insight into the extent of the infestation, and from this a knotweed treatment plan or management solutions can be determined.  The actual eradication of the problem begins only when a plan as been agreed upon between the landowner/developer and the knotweed removal company. 

Our commercial sector experience

TCM has worked with some major players in the construction and building industry over the years; TCM can help manage and eradicate your Japanese knotweed problems from commercial projects throughout the UK.

Our Commercial sector clients include: 

  • Commercial builders
  • Commercial and private landlords/landowners
  • Councils
  • Construction companies
  • Housing associations
  • Local authorities
  • Network rail / overground
  • Property developers
  • Stadiums & arenas
  • and more.

Japanese Knotweed Legal Obligations

Whilst it is not an offence to have Japanese knotweed on a commercial site, it is an offence to let it spread to a neighbours land. And as a controlled waste, if even a fragment of the rhizome is allowed to escape whilst being transported to a legal waste disposal centre, then you could face a heavy fine or even imprisonment!  That is why we advise the safest and most cost-effective solution is to employ a company who has expertise in eradicating Japanese knotweed and can take care of the entire removal process according to the law. 

Commercial Excavation or Management Solutions

Whichever commercial removal or management solution is decided upon, it should be noted that there is no QUICK process, as attention to detail is vital.  And for complete eradication then a thorough excavation of the affected area would be the fastest treatment solution. 

Commercial sector insurance backed guarantee

As environmental consultants and with many years of experience within the invasive plant removal industry, TCM understands how costly and frustrating this situation can be to those in the construction and building industry.  That's why TCM offers our gold standard Lloyds A+ Insurance Backed Guarantee. So, if Japanese knotweed returns to your land, you will be covered by the IBG, safeguarding you against further financial outlay.

Contact us today

If you are concerned that you have Japanese knotweed or other invasive weeds on your commercial land then arrange for a site survey today.  TCM Knotweed Services have the expertise to manage and remove Japanese knotweed from your commercial land, whether it is a property development site, housing association land, local authority, private development or other commercial sector property.

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