What is a Japanese knotweed root barrier membrane?



July 25, 2022

Having Japanese knotweed on your development site is a headache no manager wants. So, is a Japanese knotweed root barrier membrane a fast, cost-effective solution?

Japanese knotweed root barrier membrane

Japanese knotweed – a site manager’s worst nightmare

If you are a seasoned construction manager and haven’t yet come across Japanese knotweed, count your lucky stars. Along with cash-flow problems and bad weather, Japanese knotweed can significantly delay construction productivity. It’s a property developers nightmare.

In fact, this invasive plant can exploit weaknesses in walls, concrete, drain pipes, fences and much more. And if you allow Japanese knotweed to spread onto neighbouring land you can be taken to court. All in all, building on land with Japanese knotweed is a challenge, so, is a root membrane a silver bullet? 

What is a Japanese knotweed root membrane?

A root barrier membrane is a fast and cost-effective way to protect your site from Japanese knotweed. Usually, it is inserted three-metres vertically into the ground and physically blocks knotweed rhizome. Made of polypropylene - a soft impenetrable plastic - it lasts for at least fifty years.

installation of root barrier membrane at development site
Root barrier membrane installation at building site

Clearly, a membrane can be used as a preventative measure. For instance, your development site may neighbour land with a Japanese knotweed infestation. Inserting a root barrier membrane will help safeguard your site from encroachment. We definitely recommend this! However, a root barrier membrane is usually used as part of a wider removal plan for the most effective results.

Hire a professional knotweed removal company

It is important to hire Japanese knotweed experts to install a root barrier membrane for three reasons:

  1. Incorrect or improper installation of a barrier membrane will fail to protect your development land from Japanese knotweed.
  2. By employing knowledgeable knotweed experts, you will receive a ten-year insurance backed guarantee - essential for a whole host of reasons but mostly to protect you financially if the plant comes back.
  3. Hiring a professional Japanese knotweed company can also help you to 'stay legal' - meaning we'll dispose of the knotweed correctly, and perform the job in accordance with UK law - we'll ensure not a fragment escapes, stopping further infestations elsewhere.  

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