Japanese Knotweed infestation, London

Japanese knotweed found in London garden.  

Japanese knotweed was growing in the front garden of a North London property.  In 2017, the homeowner wanted to sell the property so approached TCM for expert advice and assistance on how best to eradicate the problem.

Herbicidal Strategy Proposed & Agreed

We visited the property to complete an in-depth site survey, then produced a Knotweed Management Plan which recommended a herbicidal strategy for eradication of the infestation which would take place over two seasons, and advised on immediate action.  The homeowner agreed to our proposal and the project proceeded without delay. 

Mortgage Lender Satisfaction

We were able to immediately provide our A+ Lloyd’s backed, Insurance Backed Guarantee therefore the homeowner could go ahead with listing his property for sale secure in the knowledge that any prospective buyer’s Mortgage Lender would be satisfied and prepared to lend.

Date: April 20, 2018