Will the UK heatwave affect Japanese knotweed



August 23, 2022

People and plants ‘shut down’ in extreme heat, says Dr Knotweed.

Japanese knotweed growth during UK heatwave

UK heatwave vs Japanese knotweed

In extremely hot weather, Japanese knotweed will ‘shut down’. However, don't be deceived, this doesn’t mean the plant is dead, it is just hibernating until the heat reduces - how very sensible of this highly invasive species. If you thought our recent heatwave may encourage Japanese knotweed to grow more, or simply die a death, you are forgiven! Japanese knotweed will only shut down in extreme heat. So, what does this mean for eradication?

Herbicide is useless

Japanese knotweed growing in residential gardens is usually treated with herbicide application. The process is simple. The weed is sprayed with a herbicide which the plant “drinks” via its root system, thus poisoning itself from the inside out.

What, then, are your options for Japanese knotweed control?

Excavate, or have to wait

As Japanese knotweed hibernates in high temperatures, there are only two other eradication methods to consider. They are excavate or, simply, to wait the heatwave out.

Excavation, also known as dig and dump, involves removing the knotweed from site and taking it to a licensed landfill centre. However, excavation is rather costly and usually only used for large, commercial development sites. Most homeowners choose to wait to have their knotweed treated.

The Met Office haven’t written off the possibility of another heatwave hitting the UK. But don’t get in a hot mess over this invader of land and property. Chat to our team today about your invasive weed concerns.